Rockin Hawaiian Soap + Bubblegum ?

Anyone else looks forward to spring just a little? In April we have some new products arriving in our online store. Check us out and Pick up your favorite item today and a touch of Spring to your personal collection. Rockin Hawaiian Soap is now available to order! While Supplies Last


Rockin Hawaiian Passion-fruit Kisses Bunny soap for Easter, using BUBBLE GUM EASTER EGGS for embeds. ( Please don’t Eat the Soap ) I know it’s tempting.


The soap has notes of #Bergmont Essential Oils, plus my very own custom blend of fragrances. It has a very soft and pleasant scent that’s not overpowering. For Adult Use Only!


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Part 1 of 3
Sneak Peek: Creating Crafty Easter Embeds for Soap.
A Creative Idea


Part 2 of 3
Watch the Making of Rocking Hawaiian Bunny Soap


Part 3 of 3
Let’s Cutt Rockin Hawaiian Bunny Soap


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