Pure Natural Handmade Soaps Thursday Thoughts

As we age, our skin becomes dry for a number of reasons. In the cold, dry climate months; Mother nature can play havoc to those who run into a problem with dry skin.

Our skin is the defense of our internal inside organs. Our skin is the outer layer of protection on our body. It is the front barrier of protection against the elements of nature.

This is why we have created a natural product line of pure natural handmade soaps, to help reinforce those conditions. The perfect solution is to change to a more friendly product that will work with your skin type and not against it.

In today’s consumer market, most of our bathing products have so many hard to pronounce chemical ingredients, that we don’t even know what we are putting on our skin.

Pure Natural Handmade Soaps

Our natural soap bars are paraben-free and made with the up-most natural and some organic ingredients. Once you continue to use our romantic natural soaps, you will find that your skin starts to feel different. Soft and smoother as time goes on. Your skin begins to develop a yearning to leave the Dove, Caress, and Dial Soaps behind. You will notice a difference.

Customer Review: “The first time my customer used one of the handmade soaps, she confessed her skin felt clean and refreshed.”

In my research, to continue to find a basic formula for natural soap-making. We have struck gold! Our handmade herbal vegetable soaps are handcrafted in Houston Texas from the purest ingredients, we can find.

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I love the way my skin feels after a warm bath. Our vegetable soaps are cruelty-free artisan soaps made from Olive Oils, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butters. As far as myself, family and friends will no longer use harsh detergent retail soaps! I am so happy to feel liberated! Have an amazing weekend!

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