Premium Body Oil Gift Set

Buurgghh It’s So Cold Outside today. A little chilly here in South Texas. I hope everyone had a fantastic and amazing Christmas and holiday season with your families. It is a time when wonderful things are about to happen and people come together and have a good time and appreciate each other.

Every special occasion and on holidays I take the products that I have and give them out as gifts. I love to watch family and friends smile with excitement over the bath body products they receive, from my store.

Today I want to promote our 3 piece gift set, which is being released to the public. The Gift Set will include

Perfume Body Oil
Body Lotion
Bath Gel

The gift price is 3 for $25.00. You can mix and match any custom scented oils. This special offer is only valid online and you can message us with details or send an email, for more information. Thank you.

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