A Gift for Mother's Day

A Gift for Mother’s Day

A thoughtful gift is appropriate for Mother's Day. Here are a few suggestions for getting her a cost-effective friendly gift.

Hopefully, you are not too late for getting a gift for Mother’s Day (especially if you are like me. I am so used to running around town trying to find that special gift for her), but the pandemic doesn’t allow us to get out much to socialize and shop, so we have to rely on buying Mom a gift online. I hope that today you can find her the perfect gift on our website for Mother’s Day.  Here are some gift ideas that you might like to try.

We have a few suggestions for those who want to purchase something thoughtful and still be conscious of the social effects our products may have. As you know, all of our handmade soaps and natural products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.  We believe in our organic products and want your body to have the best skincare treatments.

Natural Soaps that Smells Like Flowers

As you know, we manufacturer all our products in-house. We source all our products locally. We have always been a fan of flowers. Some of our favorite natural soaps we have created are called: Viva La Juicy (Dupe), Flowerbomb Soap (Dupe), and Rosemary Mint Soaps are a few of our modern and traditional favorite soaps.

Gift for Mother's Day

Viva La Juicy Soap (Dupe), has a playful and charming scent. It is inspired by the beautiful young lady who is still the life of the party. The Viva la Juicy woman finds couture in the mundane. Wild berries and mandarin mingle with smooth vanilla, praline, jasmine, and honeysuckle in Viva la Juicy.

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Flowerbomb Soap (Dupe) is an inspired natural soap that we developed. The natural soap pure, fresh scents of osmanthus, the top notes of Flowerbomb provide a touch of oriental magic thanks to the combination of bergamot and tea. The tea and bergamot fragrances dominate the opening notes of Flowerbomb, which are sweet and floral-infused.

Rosemary Mint Soap

Rosemary Mint Soap smells like a fresh breeze in a garden. The invigorating scent mingles with cool peppermint and spearmint leaves to create a refreshing fragrance.

Mother’s are Wonderful!

I don’t go a day without honoring my mum. My mother is a wonderful gift to me. Our mothers motivate us to achieve our goals. In a variety of ways, her comments and deeds demonstrate how much she loves and cares about you. I wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day!

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