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It’s been a while since I made a soap video. I have been craving all week to make some delicious mouth-watering cupcakes, but instead, I settled on making soap cupcakes. I know, it’s not the same thing, but at least it’s PRETTY! I will be uploading the making and final reveal of the soap. Enjoy!
I was cooking and I totally forgot that I was making soap. I was waiting on my soap piping/frosting to thicken before I begin to add the piping on top for the soap. (Still turned out great though!)
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Part 1 of 3
The Making
Part 2 of 3
The Unmold

Part 3 of 3
The Final Reveal

——♥Simple Basic Soap Recipe ♥———

A starter soap recipe for those new to soap-making.. It contains ingredients that can be found at most grocery stores. You can customize the recipe the way you want it.
Coconut Oil – 7.9 oz. | 25%
Vegetable Oil – 6.3 oz. | 20%
Olive Oil – 15.9 oz. | 50%
Castor Oil – 1.6 oz. | 5%
Distilled Water – 10.5 oz.
Lye – 4.4 oz.
Water as % of Oils = 33
Super Fat/Discount = 5%
** ♥ ** SOAP-MAKING TOOLS **♥**

Cupcake Baking Molds –
Carnation Milk –
Stick Blender –
White Work Table –
Olive Oil –
Coconut Oil –
Soybean Oil –
Castor Oil –
Sodium Hydroxide –
** ♥ ** FOR MY TECH GEEKS **♥**
Transcend Memory Card 32GB –
AmazonBasics Tripod with Bag –
Editing Software Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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Godaddy Domains –
HostGator –
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